Wednesday, September 3, 2008

zee update

so this is week # 5, and things are going great! i am down a total of 8.4 lbs!

*and there was much rejoicing*

i'm not seeing it, really, although i am definitely feeling better and my confidence is up. i decided signing up for WW was definitely a step in the right direction and plunked down the money for 20 weeks in my last meeting. although i could almost hear the drain sound echoing from my bank account as i keyed in my pin #, i honestly think it is a good decision because the program is working for me and i really need to do something about my weight.

in other news, i am done working full-time and am back to school in only a few days. orientation was yesterday, i met some interesting new people and even others that i had seen last year but never met. they are all going on a retreat for the rest of the week, but i opted out because i'm taking some r&r before my life changes dramatically...

not only am i going back to school, but i'm gonna be moving in the next two months. i was already thinking of moving, and even looking at places, and some drama with my landlord a few days ago has solidified everything. definitely gonna be moving to toronto, which is a little scary in itself. i think i'm ready though.

so what else is going on...

for breakfast i had a egg and spinach scramble. i'm a little puzzled at the scale because usually by this point (half-way through the week) i've dropped at least a pound. strangely mine is reading that i've actually gained a pound. i've stayed within my points ranges and everything, no tom, so i'm thinking maybe it's been the fact that i've eaten quite a bit of junk food and coffee recently, so i'm probably retaining water. perhaps i shall pick up some asparagus from the grocery store later.