Saturday, November 28, 2009

week four weigh-in

so i went out of town for some visiting yesterday, and so this morning i was in a strange and foreign land but knew i couldn't allow this to be an excuse to miss my weigh-in! i felt like suuuuuuch a bum this week... i spent most of it in front of a screen, or in class, or watching tv... horrid! i went to the gym ONCE to go to a spin class (wednesday morning) because i couldn't take it anymore - i needed some kind of activity! anyways i was a good little girl this week food-wise (because i knew i was slackin' on the activity front) so this week, with the BARE MINIMUM of activity, i managed to lose .8!
losing that much has finally pushed me over 200 and into ONEDERLAND! i am proud to say i have never been this "light" in my adult life... even at twelve, i weighed in at 206 lbs! this is a huge accomplishment for me, to say the least, and i am excited to celebrate it with my leader and regular group of WW'ers next week at my regular weekly meeting :)

i am going to try and make more time this week to visit the gym, even though i still have the pressure of stuff to do. when it comes down to it - this is life. i have deadlines, and i always will. i have stress. but my health needs to be a priority to me. last week i made it through with a loss, but i know i could have probably dropped another pound or so if i had been to the gym a few times. and to be honest, i spent most of my time procrastinating anyways. i feel like if i plan my time effectively, it will be worth it...

so tomorrow i'm going to have to get some groceries (i've run out of anything green and alive) and make some stuff for the week. i find that loading up early and making lots of grab&go meals is a really big key to success! i will also be stocking up on campbells chunky soup! the chicken vegetable kind is my favorite... it's more like stew than soup!

aww yeah... another great find i will leave you with that i tried recently (after seeing it on a few different blogs) is POPCHIPS! i bought a bag last week and boooooooy were they ever DELISH! 4 pts for half a bag!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

the way i feel

this week has been a stellar week. i really struggled for the first few days with tracking and eating within my points range, but i am under so much stress and pressure right now that i am really proud of myself that i have more or less been able to stick with it. i even made it to the gym.

part of why i believe in ww is because i really think everyone can make it work for their life. no matter where you're living, what kind of food you have access to, what sort of stage of life you are in... you can work the program to fit your needs. it's healthy, it's basic common sense, and it has worked for me. in the past i've had people tell me to "switch up my plan" when i felt discouraged with the slowness of my results. that is, they suggested i do a different program. i thought about it a few times but would always come back to ww, because i want to live a healthier lifestyle, not just lose weight. that and nothing else has ever worked for me.

even though my weight loss has been slow (i started at 285 lbs. in 2001) i feel like losing slowly has helped me really adjust along the way. i have been able to emotionally, physically, and psychologically adjust to every transformation of 10 - 30 lbs. even if it was super slow, i think i need that time to let everything sink in.

i calculated some numbers tonight. there are 29 weeks until june. if i lose one pound a week until my birthday, i will be at 170 by my birthday. what a great goal that would be. i've never been that thin.

anyways, all in all a stressful week but i am proud to have made it through with nothing super bad to report! weigh-in tomorrow, we'll see how i did! toodles

Monday, November 16, 2009


so i have a tooooooooooon of schoolwork this week and next... i honestly am so stressed out about it... and i am finding it SO hard to stay away from the pantry slash fridge! these are the times when i realize i am such an emotional eater.

feel pretty bad that i haven't made it to the gym for the last few days. the running has been going GREAT - i even got a run in the other day around the neighbourhood because i didn't have time to go to the gym. it was a lot harder than being on the treadmill (i think because i wasn't able to pace myself, knowing exactly how fast i was running and for how long) and i got a killer side stitch half way through... brutal.

really, i am just writing this to keep me sane. the urge to snack keeps running through me as i try and plow through some of this work! maybe i will reward myself somehow if i can get through this... GOOD CALL... doneeeeeeee

i had my weigh-in on saturday and i gained a pound... yes, i struggled a bit this week but i was surprised to actually gain a whole pound. i think it was because i didn't get to the gym as much, and had a pretty salty meal the night before. i'm hoping i'm down this week, i'm gonna do my best... but i just have soo little time :(

maybe i should hit the gym up at night for a study break... like tonight after work... good call ME

also i am quite excited because i am going to buy an ipod NANO! yayYYY (this is critical with the new running regime, i am realizing)

anyways i will probably blog more later when i have more urges to snack. 'til then...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

worked out and feelin' good!

so today i finished the third day of walking/running... i'm definitely getting better! yayyy.

i'm slowly overcoming the hurdle of thinking that everyone in the gym is watching me. i just turn up my music loud, run for a while and figure even if they are shocked - it will wear off after a few minutes, so i'll just keep doing my thing. it's liberating.

i just feel sooo good right now. i feel so in control, so on top of the world! i'm gonna eat lunch and then tackle this thing called life! with midterms done, i have about 4656.6 million assignments due in the next three weeks. i have written myself out a schedule, but sticking to the schedule is the hard part! wasting time is my middle name... i find it so hard to balance ww, gym, school, work, social life, and random stuff! it's all about control though. i need to start viewing things as in my control (internal locust) instead of controlled by the universe and completely out of control (external locust). hey, i really did learn something in psych class. it's true though, everytime i get overwhelmed it feels like things are spiralling and i'm scrambling. not this time though! wish me luck...

in other news: today is remembrance day, and i resolved while at the gym that from now on i am going to make more of a concerted effort to remember. not just one minute of one day a year, but many times as i live this thing called life. war is such a terrible thing. i'm so blessed to live in this country, to have the heritage that i have, to hear the stories of those who came before me and made sacrifices so i could be here today.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

first week back

this past week was my first week back OP. it was a good week!

i lost 1.2! hoorah!

i struggled a few times; there was an all-you-can-eat sushi incident (i strayed a little when the tempura shrimp rolled around) and a few nights of feeling like i wanted to gnaw on my couch... but i am easing back in to the routine of counting points, drinking my water and going to the gym. i feel better about myself and i see an improvement in my mood and energy... so that is good.

part of the reason why i rejoined meetings was because i had a dr's appointment and have to go for some testing soon. more updates to come, i don't really have a lot of info yet.

in other news, i have been kicking butt at the gym and went out the other day and bought a swim cap, goggles, and some swanky running shoes. i am trying the C25k program! my sister is a runner and is helping me get started. i'm really looking forward to challenging myself at running and seeing some serious progress!

speaking of progress, the weights at the gym have been paying off because last night i had my grip tested and i had the hardest grip of all 6 ladies that were there! WICKED! i have never been super strong, especially in my arms - so i have been paying special attention to them and doing more tricep/bicep work on my weight machines! (instead of working on my legs which are already bulky enough!) i really feel like the work i am doing at the gym is help keeping me focused on my holistic health - not just losing weight. for example, the other day i had a very light dinner and then headed off to swim practice. usually i am able to go about 40 mins without getting tired! well, on this particular night i only did about 15 minutes and felt like i just couldn't go on. i started to get a little headache and felt frustrated and tired. then i remembered how little i had eaten for dinner, and how nutritionally crappy it was! (i wish i could remember, i think it may have been cake...) i couldn't believe the effect of this food on my body - comparatively my performance was way down... really demonstrating to me that despite the cliche, food really is fuel and next time i need to fuel up properly!

that's about all for now folks, hope you had a good week!