Friday, March 12, 2010


when i stepped on the scale this morning, something amazing happened.

i stepped on, and was incredibly startled to see 190.0

i had to weigh myself twice just to double-check that i wasn't imagining things.

this - my friends - is completely unchartered ground. i mean, it's been unchartered for a while - but being on the brink of the 180's?! i feel a whole new sense of motivation to push forward.

just had to get that out of the way :)

this week i haven't been on track 100% with food, but i at least went grocery shopping and have been counting points. and drinking water. i'm slowly moving towards healthier overall living (i know myself, and i always move at turtle speeds) but i'm doing better than i have been the last few weeks, and that is good.

overall though it's been an amazing week. it was one of those weeks that could have been a downer (i was turned down for a promotion at work), but instead it has been fantastic and i feel so blessed to be living my life.

i love having that peace about where i am in life.

anyways, i'm off to a bachelorette party tonight! :) next post i will share some stuff about florida and my new love for green goddess dressing.


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The Merry said...

Wonderful news about the scale!
And I'm impressed that you had a fantastic week in spite of the work thing.
Sounds like a great way to start the weekend!