Tuesday, January 4, 2011

howdy, stranger.

it has been many months since i have posted in this blog. and if you're reading this, that probably isn't news to you.

while i don't think i owe anyone an explanation, there are a few reasons why i stopped blogging, and i'm gonna just let it all hang out.

i got scared about my health and decided to ignore the situation.
yeah, this isn't a mature way to deal with something, but that's just the truth. i decided i wanted to just LIVE for a while. live as someone who doesn't have a weight problem, or an acid reflux problem, or whatever else might be going on.

i was distracted.
i started seeing someone, i was preparing for my spring trip to japan, i moved from an apartment to a house, i worked full-time in the summer, i transferred universities and subsequently went through a time of serious depression. while i didn't consider these things legitamet reasons to not be "on plan" (life happens, right?) - i allowed them to be. i just wasn't strong enough to do it all.

i recognize that i put my journey on the backburner, and almost as soon as i did it i realized it was a mistake. the thing is though, i don't feel guilty. i know i just needed that time to re-charge and reflect. some amazing things have happened to me on my "weight loss journey" during the months i was not actively losing weight, and that is because this "weight loss journey" is actually my life journey. and maybe i just needed to reconfigure that too.

.... in any event, i'm back :)

after all that has been said and done, i'm ready to get back to dealing with me and (more relevantly) dealing with the weight. and i've been lurking around the blog world - intermitently and imperceptively, but i've been around :) i've been watching the continuing progress of some of my favorite bloggers, and have been encouraged in their success and in their preservence.

in my travels i have seen that a lot of people, not just me, have struggled this past year. reading about their strength to get back on track has motivated me as well :)

it feels good.
i missed you bloggity blog.

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