Thursday, October 8, 2009

operation: motivation

this weight battle seems to have gone on forever. sometimes i find myself thinking - "you know, this is just a part of who i am. maybe my body isn't meant to shed this weight. maybe even i lose thirty pounds, i'll still look exactly the same"

realizing this has been a big deal. i certainly don't look the same as i did 85 lbs. ago, and there was a time i never thought i could get any smaller. so i'm still on this journey - it hasn't stopped yet and i don't think it ever will. losing weight is just a part of my life, but it's a part that is connected to my priorities, the way that i handle things, the way that i treat myself and the way i discipline myself. those things will always be important.

motivation is sometimes so hard to come by. i have trouble keeping my goals clearly in front of me. this blog is the diary of my struggles but also a scrapbook of all the things that keep me motivated. so why am i doing it?

i want to feel better and have more energy
i want to look better
i want to avoid the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure
i want to save my knees
i want the real me to shine through
i want to stop making excuses for not living life

i can, and i will.

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