Thursday, October 8, 2009

people are funny

i was on the elliptical at the gym today, feeling incredibly thankful for the fact that my room mates are now my gym buddies.

i was also thinking about how much i like watching people at the gym. i like analyzing them. i wonder what they're like and where they come from. i wonder how old they are, and if they are married. i run into the same people alot and they have become my little friends, who i have never met, but i know who they are and they know who i am.

there is mr. i'm-so-hot, who walks around the room as if everyone is looking at him. he checks out all the girls shamelessly, chats people up, and uses the water fountain frequently to spit in. there is the arms-like-thighs guy, who has massive arms but also wears camo pants and combat boots to come work out (which i find quite strange). there is the old lady who has high pants and a ponytail (she sweats alot), the young girl in full makeup and hair who doesn`t sweat at all and talks on her cellphone the whole time she`s on the elliptical, and vegetable-man; a man who shaved his entire head except for a small island on top, which grew long enough to part in the centre to make him look distinctly like a carrot.

these faces make my trips to the gym more interesting.

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