Wednesday, October 21, 2009

what will it take?

been trying to find some source of motivation for the last two weeks... i need to kick my butt in gear, to really jump on board and do this with everything i got. i keep trying to ask myself what is at the bottom of me not wanting to do what it takes to lose weight. is it because i'm scared? is it because i'm lazy? because i'm addicted to food? all of the above? i'm confused and need to refocus. i need to dedicate myself, and find the motivation to do that from somewhere. today i found a great quote:

"I can't take away the things that have happened to you or me, but what we have (maybe as a reward for getting through all those other days) is today... today is a gift."

and also...

"behind every beautiful thing there is some kind of pain." - bob dylan

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