Sunday, November 8, 2009

first week back

this past week was my first week back OP. it was a good week!

i lost 1.2! hoorah!

i struggled a few times; there was an all-you-can-eat sushi incident (i strayed a little when the tempura shrimp rolled around) and a few nights of feeling like i wanted to gnaw on my couch... but i am easing back in to the routine of counting points, drinking my water and going to the gym. i feel better about myself and i see an improvement in my mood and energy... so that is good.

part of the reason why i rejoined meetings was because i had a dr's appointment and have to go for some testing soon. more updates to come, i don't really have a lot of info yet.

in other news, i have been kicking butt at the gym and went out the other day and bought a swim cap, goggles, and some swanky running shoes. i am trying the C25k program! my sister is a runner and is helping me get started. i'm really looking forward to challenging myself at running and seeing some serious progress!

speaking of progress, the weights at the gym have been paying off because last night i had my grip tested and i had the hardest grip of all 6 ladies that were there! WICKED! i have never been super strong, especially in my arms - so i have been paying special attention to them and doing more tricep/bicep work on my weight machines! (instead of working on my legs which are already bulky enough!) i really feel like the work i am doing at the gym is help keeping me focused on my holistic health - not just losing weight. for example, the other day i had a very light dinner and then headed off to swim practice. usually i am able to go about 40 mins without getting tired! well, on this particular night i only did about 15 minutes and felt like i just couldn't go on. i started to get a little headache and felt frustrated and tired. then i remembered how little i had eaten for dinner, and how nutritionally crappy it was! (i wish i could remember, i think it may have been cake...) i couldn't believe the effect of this food on my body - comparatively my performance was way down... really demonstrating to me that despite the cliche, food really is fuel and next time i need to fuel up properly!

that's about all for now folks, hope you had a good week!

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