Wednesday, August 20, 2008

... and it's working ...

sorry this update is a bit late...

saturday was my first weigh-in.

i lost 3.2 lbs. yipee!

the weigh-in lady made a comment about me being brave by wearing jeans. i was headed to work straight after, so i didn't really have a choice.

this week had some hard times but i think i have overall stayed OP. despite a few binges (somewhere along the way i became a binge eater...) and party-food get togethers i have stuck to my guns. i'm learning where to draw the line. i can feel my body following suit. i'm not having the same cravings anymore. i'm becoming satisfied with what i have to eat... whereas last week was hell at times. i really missed junky food and felt deprived. but sticking it out is paying off.

becoming reconnected with my body is slightly strange. i find my focus is shifting now that i am losing weight, and i'm cutting myself some slack. i'm not perfect, but i could certainly be worse off. i'm so happy i'm doing what i can to be the best i can be.

this next week is gonna be hard. my best friend is going back to school in the states tomorrow, so we're not gonna be able to hang out til she comes back at christmas. i have the opportunity to move too, and i think i'm going to take it. school starts in less than two weeks. work gets nixed in half. financially, emotionally, physically... i need to be ready for the changes ahead. eek.

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