Sunday, August 10, 2008


so i woke up this morning with the most craptacular feeling in my stomach, most likely caused by the east side marios munchathon i partook in last night.

so i went to church, went to the bank, dropped off my resume for a new job, picked something up and went to the mall... all without eating breakfast which i normally never do. i figured that might give my stomach a chance to settle and apparently it worked, because the feeling of nastiness has passed.

about five minutes ago i arrived home. ravenously, i completely devoured a peach and two bowls of cereal. it was the best cereal of my life though.

i would also like to say... even though this is only my third official day OP, i am really noticing a difference in the way i feel. i could use a little more energy, but on the whole i find my mood is way more balanced (must be the lack of sugar crashes) and i do have more energy. i feel cleaner and healthier. overall, my body feels more nourished. it's kind of neat.

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