Friday, August 8, 2008

first day op

so today was my first official day...

didn't go that badly! i stayed within my points range. also, my room mate found my ww paraphenalia and tuned in to the new revolution. good stuff.

it excites me to know i am making changes in my life. for so long i felt powerless about my weight. i've done nothing, but now i feel like i can do it. if all i have to do is stick to ww, then i can do that.

it's really exciting for me to think about what i will look like in a month, three months, six months or a year. what changes will occur in my body? what about in my spirit?

i feel like this is a total life transformation. i'm becoming more of who i want to be.

work is still work. school weighs down on me. but when it comes to doing something about my weight, at least i am headed in the right direction.

the fridge is full of lots of yumminess.

* peaches
* plums
* whole wheat bread and ww tortillas
* eggs
* milk
* 7 reasons cereal
* lettuce
* blueberries
* cantaloupe
* green beens
* potatoes
* stir fry pork
* brown rice
* roast chicken

this week i am committing to not turn to food for comfort...

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