Saturday, November 28, 2009

week four weigh-in

so i went out of town for some visiting yesterday, and so this morning i was in a strange and foreign land but knew i couldn't allow this to be an excuse to miss my weigh-in! i felt like suuuuuuch a bum this week... i spent most of it in front of a screen, or in class, or watching tv... horrid! i went to the gym ONCE to go to a spin class (wednesday morning) because i couldn't take it anymore - i needed some kind of activity! anyways i was a good little girl this week food-wise (because i knew i was slackin' on the activity front) so this week, with the BARE MINIMUM of activity, i managed to lose .8!
losing that much has finally pushed me over 200 and into ONEDERLAND! i am proud to say i have never been this "light" in my adult life... even at twelve, i weighed in at 206 lbs! this is a huge accomplishment for me, to say the least, and i am excited to celebrate it with my leader and regular group of WW'ers next week at my regular weekly meeting :)

i am going to try and make more time this week to visit the gym, even though i still have the pressure of stuff to do. when it comes down to it - this is life. i have deadlines, and i always will. i have stress. but my health needs to be a priority to me. last week i made it through with a loss, but i know i could have probably dropped another pound or so if i had been to the gym a few times. and to be honest, i spent most of my time procrastinating anyways. i feel like if i plan my time effectively, it will be worth it...

so tomorrow i'm going to have to get some groceries (i've run out of anything green and alive) and make some stuff for the week. i find that loading up early and making lots of grab&go meals is a really big key to success! i will also be stocking up on campbells chunky soup! the chicken vegetable kind is my favorite... it's more like stew than soup!

aww yeah... another great find i will leave you with that i tried recently (after seeing it on a few different blogs) is POPCHIPS! i bought a bag last week and boooooooy were they ever DELISH! 4 pts for half a bag!

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