Monday, November 16, 2009


so i have a tooooooooooon of schoolwork this week and next... i honestly am so stressed out about it... and i am finding it SO hard to stay away from the pantry slash fridge! these are the times when i realize i am such an emotional eater.

feel pretty bad that i haven't made it to the gym for the last few days. the running has been going GREAT - i even got a run in the other day around the neighbourhood because i didn't have time to go to the gym. it was a lot harder than being on the treadmill (i think because i wasn't able to pace myself, knowing exactly how fast i was running and for how long) and i got a killer side stitch half way through... brutal.

really, i am just writing this to keep me sane. the urge to snack keeps running through me as i try and plow through some of this work! maybe i will reward myself somehow if i can get through this... GOOD CALL... doneeeeeeee

i had my weigh-in on saturday and i gained a pound... yes, i struggled a bit this week but i was surprised to actually gain a whole pound. i think it was because i didn't get to the gym as much, and had a pretty salty meal the night before. i'm hoping i'm down this week, i'm gonna do my best... but i just have soo little time :(

maybe i should hit the gym up at night for a study break... like tonight after work... good call ME

also i am quite excited because i am going to buy an ipod NANO! yayYYY (this is critical with the new running regime, i am realizing)

anyways i will probably blog more later when i have more urges to snack. 'til then...

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