Saturday, November 21, 2009

the way i feel

this week has been a stellar week. i really struggled for the first few days with tracking and eating within my points range, but i am under so much stress and pressure right now that i am really proud of myself that i have more or less been able to stick with it. i even made it to the gym.

part of why i believe in ww is because i really think everyone can make it work for their life. no matter where you're living, what kind of food you have access to, what sort of stage of life you are in... you can work the program to fit your needs. it's healthy, it's basic common sense, and it has worked for me. in the past i've had people tell me to "switch up my plan" when i felt discouraged with the slowness of my results. that is, they suggested i do a different program. i thought about it a few times but would always come back to ww, because i want to live a healthier lifestyle, not just lose weight. that and nothing else has ever worked for me.

even though my weight loss has been slow (i started at 285 lbs. in 2001) i feel like losing slowly has helped me really adjust along the way. i have been able to emotionally, physically, and psychologically adjust to every transformation of 10 - 30 lbs. even if it was super slow, i think i need that time to let everything sink in.

i calculated some numbers tonight. there are 29 weeks until june. if i lose one pound a week until my birthday, i will be at 170 by my birthday. what a great goal that would be. i've never been that thin.

anyways, all in all a stressful week but i am proud to have made it through with nothing super bad to report! weigh-in tomorrow, we'll see how i did! toodles

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