Wednesday, November 11, 2009

worked out and feelin' good!

so today i finished the third day of walking/running... i'm definitely getting better! yayyy.

i'm slowly overcoming the hurdle of thinking that everyone in the gym is watching me. i just turn up my music loud, run for a while and figure even if they are shocked - it will wear off after a few minutes, so i'll just keep doing my thing. it's liberating.

i just feel sooo good right now. i feel so in control, so on top of the world! i'm gonna eat lunch and then tackle this thing called life! with midterms done, i have about 4656.6 million assignments due in the next three weeks. i have written myself out a schedule, but sticking to the schedule is the hard part! wasting time is my middle name... i find it so hard to balance ww, gym, school, work, social life, and random stuff! it's all about control though. i need to start viewing things as in my control (internal locust) instead of controlled by the universe and completely out of control (external locust). hey, i really did learn something in psych class. it's true though, everytime i get overwhelmed it feels like things are spiralling and i'm scrambling. not this time though! wish me luck...

in other news: today is remembrance day, and i resolved while at the gym that from now on i am going to make more of a concerted effort to remember. not just one minute of one day a year, but many times as i live this thing called life. war is such a terrible thing. i'm so blessed to live in this country, to have the heritage that i have, to hear the stories of those who came before me and made sacrifices so i could be here today.

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