Tuesday, December 1, 2009

extra, extra!

well, i was home all day and decided it was about time i pulled out the package of shirataki-like noodles i bought from the organic store the other day. i'll admit i was a little bit suspicious about the whole idea of noodles made of tofu, soaked in water... (sketchy) but i was really excited about trying this hyped up speghetti noodle with 0 (yes, you read that right!) points a serving!

needless to say, i was prepared for the worst. i decided the best way to tackle them was to stirfry up some fresh veggies; broccoli, onion, and mushroom. i added a low-sodium soy sauce and a teaspoon of sesame oil.

the result? well i'm pleased to say that i loved them! they are definitely more of an asian tasting noodle - they reminded me of mr. noodles or top ramen, or just the vermicelli i get whenever i go and eat vietnamese! i was really pleased at how it turned out!

another new food i tried out today (i swear, i'm obsessed!) is the simply bar in chocolate raspberry! honestly, when i first saw this thing - i was totally turned off. but since i got it for free, i have been saving it since july for a point when i was desperate for some protein (there is 16 grams in each bar). well, i was starving before my oatmeal breakfast this morning so i opened the wrapper and took a bite.

... WOW!

all i can say is that was it ever tasty! and it is only 2 pts!

more updates tomorrow. i'm pooped!

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