Sunday, January 17, 2010


i have been sooo busy for the last week. i sat down on wednesday night to make my comprehensive "to-do" list, and believe it or not it was actually twenty tasks long! most of the things aren't light or fluffy either, they are serious things that i hate dealing with. we're talking bills, doctors, school, money, bank, planning-for-the-future kind of tasks. bah.

i weighed in on saturday at 195.6 which is .4 up from last week. honestly - i don't know what to say. i tracked sooo well this week, worked out at least three times and still gained. i'm frustrated and trying to pinpoint what could be wrong. there are only a few things that i think could be at the root of this problem;

1. water
i drank at least six glasses every day this week (so still within the healthy guidelines range), but sometimes i find that is just not enough. optimally i need to get in at least eight of water alone, and then everything else is bonus. this week i'm going to make a point of getting in more water.

2. tom
i've been feeling super hormonal and bloaty lately, so i feel like that tom is a'comin soon. part of me hopes i am just retaining tons of water, but i don't really think that is realistic. what if it's not water?

3. a plateau
i've experienced plateaus on ww before, and they always discouraged me to the point where i just quit the program. i'm glad that i'm at a place in life now where i can honestly say that i don't see doing ww as a program, or a diet - but this is the way that i am, the way that i eat and the way i look after my body. i still have random blips (for example, i definitely had a slushie and some reeses tonight) but at the end of the day i know what i need to do to feel fresh, healthy and alive - so i do it, no matter what my scale reads.

as far as the scope goes, turns out my appointment last thursday was only for a consultation (apparently my doctor was wrong to tell me i would get the scope on my first appointment, the specialist's secretary told me this is a frequent problem). anyways, the new date for the scope is this thursday. needless to say, i'm dreading it and absolutely hate the thought of having to go to the hospital for this. bahbahbahx100.

anyhoo, i'm off to watch the real housewives of the oc. just wanted to come clean on the ww dealio and report re: the non-happening (but soon to happen) scope. i'll be back with better posts later. ttyl!


Tiff said...

It stinks when we do what we know works and don't see any results!

Just remember that success on this journey doesn't mean losing tons of weight every week, it means not giving up and making choices that will result in a healthier you- and you have done both this week!

Good job :)

jujulime said...

With that bastard Tom in coming into town I wouldn't sweat a .4 gain... I'm sure it will all be old news next week. I agree with the water though, i'm trying to up mine too!