Monday, January 11, 2010

i double as a superhero

so yesterday night, my room mates and i were up late hanging around the apartment. we were talking in the living room, when suddenly we heard a rather loud (but distant) ringing sound. my room mates thought it was coming from one of the other apartments, but i had an inkling that it was coming from waaaay down the hall, and that someone was stuck in the elevator.

needless to say, i mosied on down to see and sure enough i was right! i was a little shocked that i was the only person to come out of an apartment. even our superintendents live right next to the elevator! the ringing had been going on for at least five minutes! i began to mobilize a help party (oh yes, i'm totally a superhero) so i knocked on their door. it took them a good long while to answer and then when i explained the situation they stood there completely dumbfounded. they came out to fiddle with the buttons on the elevator until i (impatiently) asked them if there was an emergency number they could call.

elevator dude's wife showed up a short time later and explained that he had only been taking a trip down to take out the garbage. hahah. i couldn't help but laugh. eventually help came, and he was liberated to go back and live his life. yay! all in a day's work. but seriously, it's disturbing that no one else came to help! all i could think was what if someone was attacked in the elevator? everyone would have just continued chilling in their apartments watching their jeopardy and eating their cheese doodles.

ANywhayz, in other news, i am slightly terrified because today i have to go for a esophagogastroduodenoscopy today. yeah, try saying that three times fast! ;) i've had the appointment for months, but wasn't really thinking much about it (my doctor said it was no big deal) until last night, when i googled it and found out that for the procedure they hop you up on a cocktail of painkillers, muscle relaxants, sedatives and external analgesics. gah. i'm really hoping and praying everything will be alright, and that this just lets me know the source of the craziness that has been occuring in my body (i've had unexplained acid reflux for two years). i'm not super excited about the drugs though, or the scope. boo, i'm such a baby :(

anyways, ttyl!


Tiff said...

You are too cute! Good job on not gaining but let's see a loss for this next week! You can do it!

Tiff :)

Natalia said...

Praying for you for the 'scope! And good job being a supherhero!

Glam said...

Hope your 'scopy went okay! Do they really need such long names for procedures? Okay, doctors, we get it -- you're smart! =)

Journey to a Healthier Me said...


I came across your blog through Allie's... Good luck with your scope. I too have dealt with long-standing GI issues....

All the best as you continue with your weight loss journey :)