Tuesday, January 5, 2010

puppy sitting

today, during my convalescence, i spent most of my time puppy sitting. my room mate had to work and so the puppy and i chilled out and watched movies. once she settled down for an afternoon nap, i had some chicken soup (hopefully it will help me feel better), blueberries, and roasted brussel sprouts for lunch.

around 3 o'clock, i managed to rally enough energy to do some grocery shopping. i braved the frigid weather to go to no frills, and picked up some yummies, including a box of cake mix and some club soda to make ww cupcakes!

so exciting.

when i came home i had some leftover speghetti with whole wheat noodles, and then i commenced the cupcake plan. i'm sure most of you have had these, they are super easy. you just take:

- any cake mix

- a can of diet coke (but i prefer club soda)

mix the two together to make the batter and then bake as normal. no eggs, no oil, just club soda and cake mix! they make yummy little cupcakes that are around 100 cals a piece. i used duncan hines french vanilla cake mix, and i had a bottle of club soda left over from a party so i measured out 355 ml to add. when i mixed it all up it looked like this!

i also picked up some decaf vanilla hazelnut coffee! i made some in the french press with steamed milk while the cupcakes were in the oven. yumm!

and now i am enjoying one of these little cupcakes, with my coffee, while i write this post :)

i will leave you guys with some thoughts from yesterday. you see, last night i went to work and we went snow tubing. it was really cold, but sooo much fun! my group really enjoyed it, and so did i.

there is something about a ski hill at night - it's so quiet and peaceful. always lit up just perfectly. i was at the bottom of the hill at one point, looking around and thinking about how four or five years ago, snow tubing would have terrified me. not because i am afraid of heights or going down icy hills in inflatable tubes (which i totally am, but that is besides the point), but because i would have thought i was too overweight to even try.

the fact that last night that thought did not even cross my mind is a testament to how far i have really come. my weight used to hold me back from so many things, and from living my life to the fullest. i can truly and honestly say that as i continue to transform my body and my life, that is not true anymore. i'm happy it's not.


Vanessa said...

Cute coffee mug. :)

My French press is one of my favorite things in the world!

Tiff said...

I've lately been realizing how much stuff I sit out on. For example I just experienced my very first snowfall ever (having just moved to PA from AZ) AND I've been dying to go sledding but my first intital thought is...am I too big? I don't want to lose out on life experiences anymore because of this- and I won't!

Those cupcakes do sound good!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Found your blog through "Project 365." Good call on the WW cakes! Loves it! I'll have to try this!

Natalia said...

Hi - I'm new to your blog. :)
Does the coke/cake really work? And does it come out tasting different at all?
I'm gonna follow your blog now. :)

Nutritious is Delicious said...

Hey! Love the blog...and of course I love to find another GG fan. Yes, I am obsessed with the show! haha

I have never seen that type of cake/soda combo! Verrrry intriguing!