Saturday, January 30, 2010

an update with expression

hellooo bloggity blog! high fiveeee, another week under the belt!

at weigh-in this morning i weighed in at 193.8! meaninggg my dear friends, that i am down 1.8 this week! :D it really worked folks!

i am so encouraged. in the past, when i hit a plateau i simply gave up... i'd get all distracted with life or whatever was going on, i'd give myself excuses to "put things on hold for a while," but this time i was not willing to! obvi there's no way i was listening to those lies anymore! this is my chance to make a change and make it for good...

anyways, i knew i had a hard week ahead of me, and so i planned and planned and planned. the meal plan and grocery list took me about two hours to sort out on monday. in the end, i didn't even end up following it 100% (deets further down) but it definitely made me accountable. this week there were so many times i thought, "oh, i'll just have a piece of that..." or "maybe i'll grab something on the way..." but then i would have to quickly remind myself that i had no points to "fool around with"! everything had already been accounted for.

that experience really opened my eyes to how much whimsical eating i do. by whimsical (yeah, totally just made that up) i mean the kind of eating that follows my thoughts of "hm, i feel like this!" or "hey, maybe i'll get some of that!" apparently i feel whimsical quite often (which is good for my alterior identity as a magical elf), but i didn't even realize how much it was effecting my efforts to drop some poundz.

in other news, on wednesday i had my endoscopy.

yes, i was pretty nervous. but once i got there all the doctors and nurses were really nice and put me at ease. i put on my stylin' gown and robe. i was told they were going to sedate me with a general anesthetic, but it turned out the anesthetic was optional (!) and so i opted to be awake for the procedure. yeah, i'm hardcore like that.

it was soooo cool to see inside my own body. the doctor sent a long tube down my esophagus and into my stomach. it was uncomfortable, but it didn't really hurt. he poked around in there for a few minutes, took some biopsies of my stomach lining and then it was all over. the whole thing probably only took about 5 - 7 minutes.

the most embarassing part about the whole thing was that even though i had fasted for more than ten hours for the procedure (as per their instructions), there was a ton of food in my stomach! the doctor told me this was really abnormal (i could even recognize the brussell sprouts i had had for dinner the night before! GROSS right?!) and said maybe that is part of what is causing problems with my stomach. he gave me a perscription for a medication, so we'll see. i'm highly skeptical of doctors, especially when it seems like they're just pulling pills out from their sleeves for everything.

anyhoo, since the endoscopy i had some unusual pain in my stomach, so i haven't been eating as much (hence the non-meal-plan following). it's much better today though and i even felt well enough to go to the gym and run 5k!!

now, this is not a super big deal because i did a 5 min warm-up walk and a 5 min walk in the middle because of some stomach pain... but this run felt frickin' amazing. i pushed myself harder than i have in a long time because i wanted to see THREE FREAKIN' MILES on the little screen. and i did :)

so that's the story, morning glory. life is as it is... school, eat, sleep, run, be fantastic. watch glee. love sue sylvester and her hilarity. spend three hours at sephora. drink starbucks soy chai latte (thrice). flirt with barista boys at starbucks who say i smell good (despite the fact i have not done laundry in two weeks, score). read pride and prejudice and laugh out loud at mr. collins. do dishes that have piled up for days. dance. nap.

hope you're havin' a great one!

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