Monday, January 25, 2010

to-do list for today

1. get up. check.

2. study like a crazy woman. check. the article (from hell) that i never thought i'd be able to understand began to make sense today! (on the third read). hoorah! later on i must also immerse myself in pride and prejudice until i finish it (by thursday).

3. run like a crazy woman at the gym. check! i ran 3 kilometres in 25 minutes today guys. i am doing this. it feels amazing.

4. drink water like a crazy woman. check. got those 3 litres in!

5. eat crazy delicious lunch as per my strategically organized week-long-meal-plan-for-success. check! mmm so delicious and scheduled...

6. have a crazy awesome time at work doing karate. check! i ate some unexpected pizza, but i'll scribble it down and keep on keepin' on...

7. go grocery shopping. check. i picked up more greek yogurt (from the only place that sells it in the city) and did a fruit and veggie run with my list (attached to the meal plan). i squirmed at the cash registered but knocked out the big bucks because i figure it will be worth it to just have everything i need and not have to go to the store midweek. i probably spend the same amount of moolah every week but it never seems like that much because it's in random bits here and there...

8. come home, study, and enjoy a fabulous soy chai latte. mmm. check.

there's my whole 'lotta crazy for today. the past two nights i have successfully managed to avoid the orange blossoms on the counter of our kitchen labelled "for everyone" and all in all stick to my eating plan. if that doesn't spell s-u-c-c-e-s-s i don't know what does.

off to study! :)


Tiff said...

Well check you out Mz. Productive!

You'll be ready for that 5k in no time :)

skinny me! said...


I can't believe this is my first time visiting your blog! Shows you how busy I am! Thanks for the supportive comments all the time :)
I'm excited to go and read all about you now!

Rosasmiles said...

I just found your blog and i'm lovin it!
Cant wait to read more of your posts. Good luck on your weight loss journey!

Anonymous said...

You ARE doin' it! Get 'er done, girl! Way to stay busy and motivated! I''d LOVE to see your meal plan! (Did you post that already?...I've got to go catch up on your blog) LOVES IT!:-)