Saturday, January 2, 2010

up and at it!

i was up super late last night watching the time travellers wife. quite the sobfest. i then found my house all eerie (yeah, the movie kind of freaked me out) so i made a breakfast cookie and managed to fall asleep around 2 am.

since i have some people coming over today, i wanted to go to my meeting early. but man, i hate getting up early! especially to put on as little clothes as possible for my weigh-in!

i'm 99.9% sure i have gained weight, and i haven't fully gotten back on the wagon. i haven't been eating tons of crap since tuesday, but i have yet to do that refill-your-cupboards-and-crispers-with-healthy-food grocery shop yet. yesterday i literally ate the random leftover foods of my room mates (and some leftover pizza from new years) because i was out of food and there wasn't a grocery store open.

anyways, this is just a quickie. i'll post something after my meeting. toodles.


Vanessa said...

Oooh, have you read the book? I loved it so much more than the movie...but that seems to be how it always goes. I'm not much of an Eric Bana fan either :P

Crystal said...

I saw you today, or at least I'm pretty sure I did! I was at the Centre Point Mall meeting at 9:30!!

Gina said...

I saw your comment on BigBottomBlogger and loved your name: Adorkable. Very clever. I had to click on it.

Happy New Year!

Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Just found your blog and gotta say what an amazing change! Keep up the awesome job and I can't wait to follow on your journey!

adorkable said...

crystal - i thought i saw you! will you be back next week? i'll make sure to say hi!