Saturday, January 9, 2010

mmm, pancakes.

so, for some unknown reason (or possibly a rogue can of diet coke) i was up until 4:30 am last night. i sat in the wee hours of the morning, watching the newest episode of jersey shore (yes, i'm pathetic) on almost-mute so that i didn't wake the dog.

snaps for me though, i still got up bright and early for my weigh-in.

no loss this week, i stayed the exaaactly same. slightly annoying since i was good this week (!), but i'm pretty sure it's just water weight because according to my scale i was down a few days ago but ballooned up suddenly for no reason at all.

i don't really have a plan for today. i'm still in "break" mode but there is a lot of stuff i have to do before school starts again on tuesday. i am so not ready to go back, but it will be good to have more structure in my life again. i definitely benefit from that. and i am excited to see my friends. i've kind of been a hermit for the last week.

can i just tell you what an amazing breakfast i had this morning? i decided that after weigh-in i would eat whateeeeeeeeeever i wanted, and i decided i really wanted pancakes. with fruit. and whipped cream.

the best part was that i contemplated a variety of options in my mind, but settled on making my world-famous (hmm, work with me) oatmeal pancakes, the kind i make in my magic bullet. i figured i could pick up a small container of whipped cream, and use some of my amazing europe's best fruit mix.

needless to say, it turned out fabulous. unfortunately i am a big butt since i didn't get to snap a picture (i was starving and my room mate and i were having an important convo i couldn't really tear myself away from) but it was glorious and exactly what i wanted.

this is kind of a nsv. even after giving myself freedom to choose whatever i wanted, i still wanted wholesome, hearty, healthy food. sure, normally i don't eat dollops and dollops of whipped cream (although, i'd rather eat it than its weird, synthetic counterpart). but the oatmeal pancakes and fruit were both things i eat all the time. i guess it's true that the food you eat quickly becomes the food you crave.

this just brings home the fact that for me, ww is just a tool that i am using to change my life. beyond the point-counting, meetings, booklets, pamphlets, etc. - i am learning to nourish my body and holistically look after myself. it's wonderful!

have a great saturday bloggies! get some sunshine!


Glam said...

a gorgeous lumberjack?! yum.

i'm reassured that even someone as smokin as you still has a verbal diarrhea around hot men. =)

i love me some pancakes too! Mmmm pancakes & lumberjacks. good recipe.

Crystal said...

Do you go to the 9:30 meeting every Saturday? I ended up missing it today and went to the 10:30 meeting, just to weigh-in!

athinnerkatie said...

So after your comment on my blog I came over here and started reading, only to lough out loud when you said you came to buffalo....Guess whre I live?

I am glad you found me...I love finding people that have the same struggle and goals we can support and encourage each other. Also while understanding !

Nutritious is Delicious said...

I'm still in break mode too! Which is bad because I go back tomorrow!! eek!

Pankcakes = love <3