Thursday, December 31, 2009

crazy shopping times!

yesterday my sister, my mom and i decided to take a little trip to buffalo and do some cross-border shopping (yes, my american friends - we heart you and your kewl stuff). anyhoo, needless to say i went a little over my budget... *bite nail*... but i got some amazing stuff that i am really excited about! most of it is clothes, but i also got some makeup and jewlery.

i laid out a good portion of the stuff on my bed;

a pashmina, some tshirts (they were $4), that plaid thing you see buried is a dress i got for $2! i spent quite a bit on purses. needless to say i have been using the same purse since may, even though the zipper is broken. i love big purses. i stuff 4974755.4 things in them, and haul them around like santa claus with a big bag 'o toys. yes, that woman in the mall who huffs, grunts, and accidentally slams people with her enormous bag is me. bahahah.

this is a closeup of the stuff i'm reeeally excited about. the coach wristlets were $23! and the makeup is my favorite stuff!

weeeeeeeee! now, i bought a ton of clothes from target because they are cheap and awesome. i bought 2 dresses in particular that i think are grand, and i think i am going to wear one tonight. a friend of mine invited me to go to an informal concert/mingle thing. sooo which one do you think i should wear?!

this one... i love the flowers!

or this one? i'd wear both with a black cardigan 'cause maaaaaaan it's cold these days! last night driving back home from the states my mom and my sister didn't stop complaining in the car about how i was blasting the heat! i loooove my heat. lol.
anyhoo friends, happy new years to you all! have a great one and spend it with those you love!

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Tiff said...

Ok no joke those are some SERIOUSLY cute dresses! And oh girl- hopefully you and I never meet because we would be knocking everyone down with our big ol purses! :)

Now time to get back on that wagon :)