Monday, December 21, 2009

doin' it up!

so, after finishing my last exams (which were hellish, but i made it through)... i weighed in on saturday morning and was shocked to discover that i lost 1.6 lbs! after my week of exam food (canned soup and peanut butter pitas, basically), i only made it to the gym once... i spent most of the week reading for hours and snacking... but - i still lost! it feels good to know that sometimes there is a little bit of grace.

also, i had a great NSV this week. i started running shortly after i rejoined WW, around the first week of november. this past week i ran eight minutes! it felt great! such a victory, such an accomplishment... and i know this is only the beginning. running eight minutes (which is like 800% more than i could run at the beginning of this journey) means that sooner or later, as long as i keep going, i will be able to run 10, 15, 20, 40, and an hour! so exciting.

in other news, i'm visiting friends and family this week so i packed my little bag of food as per the holiday survival guide. (check) tomorrow i am going to go to a party, but i'm going to eat beforehand and limit the number of plates i will get. (check) in fact, i'm "bartending" mocktails for the night so that should keep me away from the food table well enough!

today was the first day of my "real" vacation, so (as per the plan - check!) i started the day by going to the gym. i got a little frustrated because i had planned to go for a run, but the treadmills they had at this location were flimsy and made me self-concious about the noise they made while i ran. i switched to an elliptical, but it just wasn't the same. i got bored after about 15 minutes. then i tried to do some weights, but they weren't the same as the weights at my gym, so i got frustrated even more. in the end i was there for about an hour as i hopped from machine to machine, but i left feeling annoyed.

this evening i went back for a yoga class, and i just got home. the yoga class was alright - i feel nice and stretched out now. it's been a while since i did any yoga. it used to be one of my fav activities. we did some awkward moves in this class today though that i have never done before! hilarious. additionally i happened to be sitting right next to a semi-good looking young guy, and at one point we were on our backs, extending both legs in opposite directions, and placing our hands on our inner thighs to "deepen the stretch." awk! but c'est la vie.

tonight i am going to take it easy. watch some gilmore girls, possibly make some chia pudding (my new addiction), and sleep. i love this life. ttyl!

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Tiffany said...

Congrats on the loss. It's always nice when we don't expect it.