Friday, December 25, 2009

merry christmas!

this christmas has been a little unorthodox for me :) last night my sister and i went to a church service and then ordered pizza and wings, came back to her place and watched "surrogates."

today we took it easy. got up early, ate bran flakes and ferreo roche for breakfast, and opened presents. it was just the two of us and it was kind of nice, just chilling out with nowhere to go and no one to see.

three of the gifts from my sister were pairs of running socks. she is a runner and sort of inspired me to get into it, and has been really supportive of my progress. for my last gift, she told me it was something she couldn't "give" to me - but had to "tell" to me. it turns out she registered the two of us for a 5k run in march! needless to say, i was SHOCKED and slightly terrified. lol. however, it is three months away and i am pretty stoked! in my heart of hearts, i really wanted to register to run a 5k, i just didn't have the guts to put myself under the wire. this race is actually a run/walk, so even if i am not able to run the whole thing come march, it won't be too bad. i am going to do everything i can to try, though! only a few months ago i never thought i'd be able to run at all...

how exciting, huh!? i am so excited!

after we exchanged presents her and i headed off to the gym. we ran a few laps on the track, then did 30 mins of running on the treadmill. after that we went swimming.

for "christmas dinner" we decided to have our favorite - pho. i decided i wanted to try vegetable pho this time, so i did... but it was rather disgusting. it had somekind of strange rehydrated mushrooms in it, slash the little corn-on-the-cobs from a can that i despise. after our pho we came home and we are about to watch a few more movies. good times.

tomorrow i am going out to lunch with two of my best buds, which should be fun. it's been a little hard for me seeing all my old friends this year, because more than ever i feel like things have truly "changed." people are starting relationships or getting engaged, graduating, getting jobs, moving away... i don't like the feeling of ungroundedness i get when i realize this... i feel like i'm losing an important part of my life, and people i love so very dearly. it is something i have had to proccess this holiday, and i still haven't done that 100%.

but i know life is impermanent and always changing... after all, i have changed too, which has been so evident in this journey i have embarked on. i just continue to pray that it is in ways that are positive and bring me closer to what really matters. christmas is such a wonderful time of year. i'm so thankful for a wonderful life, a wonderful Saviour, wonderful friends. it may not always be perfect, but times like this help me remember that each day is a gift and i am lucky to be here.

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