Saturday, December 5, 2009


i'm just about to start on my fourth and final essay, but i wanted to do a post re: weigh-in today. i'm happy to report i'm down 1.4! yay! i had a really good week this week... ate a lot of veggies, drank a lot of water... i'm in a season right now where i'm not craving junk, i'm just happy eating my pitas, hummus, crudites, soups, smoked salmon, frozen yogurt, and the rest of my staples. i'm absolutely obsessed with hummus right now, i've gone through 3 packages in the past week... i also bought two cans of chickpeas so i can make it in the bullet. i'm going to try and replicate a "veggie" flavoured hummus i tried this week... it was SOOOO good! i think they had some spinach in there...

another REALLY exciting update is that i weighed in at 199.8 last week - putting me in ONEDERLAND!

i have been yearning to see those little numbers written in my ww book for soooooo long! this really is a huge accomplishment for me, and i was so happy to share it with my meeting this morning... (last week i had to weigh in at another location because i was out of town)

a blurb about onederland will follow soon, because i have a lot to say about it :)
but that will have to wait until a little later, at least until i'm done a liiiiiiiiittle more of this essay...

i do want to still want to talk about a few things though.

first of all, last night i went to my first christmas potluck of the season. i had a lot of flexpoints left and so i ate what was there... and i ate quite a bit of stuff i haven't been eating because a.) it's too expensive and b.) i don't keep that stuff in my house. they had cheese fondue, chocolate fondue, cheese and artichoke dip, veggies, casseroles... the works! i ate what i wanted and had a little bit of dessert... but you know what? i was SHOCKED when the night was done and i felt soooooo sick! i probably ate 1/3 of what i normally would... and i was SO full. this made some of the changes i have made in my life really hit home...

i also realized that this was just the first of many of these little parties. for this one i had a lot of points left so i could eat most of the food that was there... but if i have three or four of these little shindigs a week, i'm going to need to plan. i can't tell myself it's "okay" to indulge just because it's a party, or because everyone else is eating, or because it's christmas and i'll get back on track tomorrow. part of the reason why i signed up for WW in november was because i knew that if i didn't take control, i would be another six months down the road, regretting my choices and wishing things had gone differently. i have made the decision to be PROACTIVE and lose the weight i need to lose, holiday or no holiday!

so i'm gonna post my holiday survival goals in a post soon as well.

anyways, i gotta get back to work. i will post some food pics later... i am literally eating out of a bag these days, i just keep packing my lunch to go here, there, and everywhere! today's breakfast was pumpkin pie oatmeal, lunch was sausage and veggie soup with a piece of crustless spinach and cheese quiche, and who knows about dinner... all i can think about is getting my essay finished...


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