Thursday, December 10, 2009

i can breathe again

well, yesterday i handed in my final paper of the semester! finally i can breathe slash think slash appreciate being alive for a moment or two. the last few nights have been pretty insane... needless to say i have been burnin' the midnight oil...

but now all the major stuff is done, and all is left is exams :) i spent last night in my bed watching the biggest loser finale and being awestruck at how those guys lost sooo much weight in just five months. so amazing!

i also made a few changes to this layout. i'm becoming quite obsessed with bloggieland! i've found some great blogs that are really interesting and inspiring. i love knowing there are other people in the world struggling with the same challenges i am, each day, every day... the "boring" struggles of choosing to make healthy food choices, go to the gym, and chug that gosh-darned water. i love that someone out there truly does understand!

hopefully blogging becomes a more regular activity for me, since there is something i love about sharing my life with others and maybe inspiring them a little...

ahem. on that note, today was a great day. i started bright and early with some steel cut oats with pumpkin, brown sugar and some yogurt:

after that i took a trek to the gym with a friend. i did half an hour on the elliptical and 15 minutes of running. fyi, i have been running every week! I LOVE IT! it's amazing to be able to track my progress and really feel the improvement. when i first started at the beginning of november, i could barely run one minute. now i am running intervals of 3 and 5 minutes! i get such a great sense of satisfaction from seeing myself getting stronger and healthier...

after the gym i met some friends for a sushi feast. unfortunately, i didn't take pictures... but it was fantastic. i basically obliterated my daily points, but i have some flex and worked out today, so i'm pretty sure everything will balance out fine.

i am really excited because i am going to see the sound of music tomorrow!

my sister and i bought my mom tickets for her birthday, so we're gonna have a little mother/daughter time. i'm going to try and save some of my flex points because she wants to go out to dinner first. hopefully we don't go to somekind of expensive italian place, or somewhere where i will have no idea what to order. i tried to google some places around the theatre yesterday, to no avail. i figure i will just eat before i leave (so i'm not that hungry) and wing it once we are there.

it's times when i reflect on stuff like this that i can't imagine being on a diet that restricted certain foods. i feel like i already "restrict" myself so much, but heck - i can eat anything i want! it would be 120x harder if i couldn't eat oil or carbs or dairy. i'm thankful that what i'm doing is working for me and it's something that i can live with. sure, sometimes i get scared about how i am going to manuever christmas get-togethers or restaurant dinners. but i always know i can figure out a way to count it up and move on...

anyways that's about all for today. the rest of the night will be spent making christmas lists and a plan for shopping tomorrow!


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