Saturday, December 12, 2009

my first saturday of laziness...

it has been quite a while.

once upon a time, saturday's meant pure, unadulterated laziness. unshowered, unscheduled, unimportant days of laissez-faire internet surfing, hulu watching and random tasks that didn't fit in anywhere else. that all changed approximately four or five weeks ago, when my life became a crazy haze of omgihavesomuchworktodo.

today has been slightly reminescent of those days. i am currently sitting on my bed in the same clothes i woke up in, catching up on the blogroll and making plans to eat leftovers for lunch and write emails. i love the sun pouring in through my window over the clouds of my big, white duvet. i'm so comfy cozy. i love this feeling.

i'm also feelin' pretty happy because today was weigh-in, and i lost 1.4 this week! honestly, i couldn't be happier with that number! i feel so encouraged that the choices i'm making are paying off on the scale...

i was a little worried last night because i went and saw the sound of music. the show was fabulous, but afterwards we stopped for dinner at a chic little italian place. i knew it was late and i didn't want to get anything heavy, plus i used up ALL my flexpoints earlier in the week, so i knew i had almost nothing to work with. i ordered a small thin-crust pizza on a multigrain crust with brie and mushrooms, and a side salad. i only ate half the pizza (the rest is for lunch!) and while the side salad had a lot of oil on it (should have asked for the dressing on the side, oh well) i didn't think the choice i made was that bad. it was a very enjoyable, wholesome meal (as compared to something like chicken fingers and fries!)

hope your week is going well.

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