Sunday, December 13, 2009

my resolve

so with the holidays around the corner, i am thinking more and more about how i am going to navigate all the temptations of this festive season. i keep running into people who are asking me how i am planning to do it... and more and more i keep hearing that it is perfectly okay to "just maintain."

part of the reason why i joined weight watchers at the end of october was because i knew that if i didn't join then, i wouldn't join until after christmas. i am happy to say that i have lost over seven lbs since then, and i know that i wouldn't have lost that weight if i had not followed my heart. joining ww this time was about making no excuses, doing what i need to do for me
and exerting control over the things that i do indeed have control over. so many times in life i become overwhelmed by what i can not control, but my health is something that is totally and completely up to me. no one else can do the work or make the right decisions for me.

that being said, i have made a few resolutions for myself. keeping these resolutions is how i plan to make it through the holidays and STILL LOSE. that's right folks - i said it! i will still lose in the next two weeks, because i am focused on my goal. i am not going to spend another year unhappy with my weight. the holidays represent the challenges i face in my environment, and i know that conquering them will represent my resilience and resolve to stick this out no matter what challenges i may come across. this is my time.

now, for the game plan.

1. i am going out of town for a week and will be staying at my friends place. while i am there i will:

- pack my own food to make my own meals and snacks, since their family doesn't eat like i do.
- track everything i eat, even if i slip off the bandwagon.
- bring my water bottle and crystal light, and make sure to drink 8 glasses of water a day.
- go to the gym EVERY DAY i possibly can.

2. i will be hosting and going to holiday parties. at these parties i will:

- eat before i leave.
- have a drink, but only allow myself to get a plate from the snack table once.
- only go to the parties i truly want to go to.

this holiday i want to give more than receive. i don't want this to be another holiday where i feel as though i'm grabbing for people, gifts, attention, food, time. i want to give my love, advice, gifts, appreciation, and time to the people in my life. and part of that giving is giving myself what i need. i've spent months being so busy i can hardly think, so the next two weeks off are my time to refresh, renew, and revitalize myself. i want to take care of myself, and i am doing that by eating properly and looking after my body and not spreading myself thin like i have done every other year.

i will do what i set out to do. i will succeed.

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Tiff said...

Hey there!

You definitely have the right idea by planning and preparing! For me so many times I feel like I'm being a debbie downer or offensive if I go somewhere (like a party or a person's house) and don't eat everything in sight but I've come to realize that I'm the only one that is going to make these good decisions for me- not anyone else!

Good schtuff!