Friday, December 25, 2009

worth remembering

in my bloggie travels today, i read something over at that i decided was worth remembering! and reposting ;)

"I love myself because I am more than my body, and that will never change. However, I know my own strength and I know what I want for my future and that means making different and sometimes difficult decisions, but it is worth it and that is what I truly deserve."

wow, challenging and inspiring words that i definitely needed to hear! sometimes it seems so easy for me to forget that i am so much more than this shell of cells, and that despite all the work i put into my health, in the end i am so much more. underneath i am who God created me to be, and all this losing-weight stuff is really about discovering exactly who that is. even though the decisions i have to make are hard and many times other people (including my own friends!) do not understand, i am giving myself what i need and deserve.

anyways, just thought i'd share. props to tiff and check out her blog sometime 'cuz it looks pretty stellar.


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Tiff said...

Awww! Thanks so much for commenting on my post! I've noticed that when I only measure my happiness with myself based on my looks/working out/eating then I become a much shallower person and ignore the other gifts that God had given me- it's all about balance right?

Anyways- you are SUPER sweet and I am looking forward to following your blog too!

Merry Christmas!